mardi 25 décembre 2007

top 10 2007 by Charlie

Hey, That's the first time I try to make a top ten, and finally that's rather hard to sort all the records I really appreciated in 2007 ... So, it could sound like that :
  • GET THE PEOPLE Get the people
  • PANDA BEAR Person Pitch
  • LIARS Liars
  • DEERHUNTER Cryptograms
  • THE ARCADE FIRE Neon Golden
  • AKRON/FAMILY Love is Simple
  • ROBERT WYATT Comicopera
  • ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Strawberry Jam
  • DEERHOOF Friend Opportunity
And because 10 is not enough this year it's going to be a top 12, cos I would like to include those ones :
  • A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS A place to bury strangers
  • VIC CHESTNUTT North Star deserter
And I stop now before I change my mind ...

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